Brent Corrigan Videos

Brent Corrigan New Free Video. The cameras are rolling the minute the boys arrive in New Orleans. From the arrival at the airport through settling in at the house and the introductory interviews, the viewer is part of all the action…true reality style. There is no behind the scenes…the movie is presented chronologically, and the viewer is along for all of the action all of the time. The first sex scene is the next morning, and it is between Brent Corrigan and Ryan Buckley. The two step into the bedroom from the porch where they’ve been talking, and the action gets aggressive from the very start. Ryan grabs Brent and starts to make out, but it’s Brent Corrigan who gets Ryan’s pants down first and starts to chow down on his already rock hard cock. Ryan then tosses Brent on the bed and starts licking and kissing from his face on down to his pants, which when yanked off reveal a seriously aroused Brent Corrigan. Ryan sucks Brent’s cock and displays his oral skills on his ass and balls as well. He then turns around and gets into a 69 position where the two manhandle each other again. There’s lots of cock toying around at asscracks before Ryan takes Brent’s dick deep into his ass as he sits on top and rides lick a bucking bronco. Brent Corrigan takes control and does Ryan missionary before Ryan turns the tables and does Brent Corrigan missionary style. Ryan stands up, picks Brent up and fucks him while holding him in his arms before putting him back down on the bed ad pounding him again. Brent sits on Ryan’s cock before cumming on his stomach as he is scissor fucked. Ryan empties his load on Corrigan’s stomach and the two make out.