Brent Corrigan Blog

After a quick look around the resort, which includes the opening credits, Brent Corrigan and two of his protégés are playing in the pool on a hot and sunny afternoon. After the two “students” take a shower, Porn Prodigy Brent Corrigan begins class with a quick show and tell of a hardon and a plump young ass. After a few instructions, Brent Corrigan sets his boys in motion and tutors them on what they should do to please the viewing audience. Dick sucking and ass eating are the main subject matters to start, but professor Brent Corrigan wastes no time in getting to the penetrating matters of sexual performance by forcing his rock hard shaft into Jesse for a nice deep fucking. Richie gets to demonstrate how to keep his legs spread open to let the camera see Brent’s long thick shaft slide into his ass as he sits on top of Brent Corrigan. There’s no doubt these young students will easily pass the course, but the question remains if they will purposely fail just to take the course again!